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Manual V's Online Application Is your organisation frustrated by the time consuming and error prone manual disclosure application process? Have new requirements meant you now have to start undertaking disclosures checks for the first time? Are you wondering how to carry out these checks? If so consider this...

  The majority of applications forms completed by hand have errors, fact! After you have corrected these errors the DBS state that 17% of the applications they receive still have errors and omissions and are delayed. Obviously this wastes much of the DBS's time and ultimately your organisations too since receipt times for certificates are prolonged due to long backlogs in the system. For many organisations they are unable to start an employee until their certificate has been received and so you can see what problems these delays could cause for your organisation.   To see this, here are the top ten mistakes and omissions that the DBS listed applicants as making;

This is why Atlantic Data has set up its Online application form to eradicate the problems of manual forms which cause such a hold up in the system.

How Atlantic Data Resolves this
Problems & Solutions Five year address history incomplete. Form cannot be submitted
Problems & Solutions Incorrect counter signatory number provided Entered automatically
Problems & Solutions Blue Ink rather than Black ink used to fill out the form Forms printed in black ink
Problems & Solutions Category code not provided Entered automatically
Problems & Solutions Evidence seen and checked by, not given Form cannot be submitted
Problems & Solutions Insufficient evidence of identity given Form cannot be submitted
Problems & Solutions Level of DBS check required, not specified Entered automatically
Problems & Solutions Declaration by registered person not specified  
Problems & Solutions Birth town/city not given Form cannot be submitted
Problems & Solutions Period at previous address incorrectly completed. Form cannot be submitted  
The online application system means that the form is already checked and any problems with it are spotted and resolved before it is sent to the DBS so it can be processed as quickly as possible once it arrives.
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