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Does your Organisation Need Us ?

If you suspect that your organisation will need to carry out disclosure checks on your applicants because you offer jobs that will involve working with children or adults, then you may need to enlist the services of the DBS.

To access these services your organisation must follow one of two routes:

  • By registering to become a Registered Body.
  • By enlisting the services of an Umbrella Body such as Atlantic Data.

We recommend our services to organisations for which some or all of the following apply

  • Due to the nature of your staff turnover, your organisation is only likely to make a few applications and so the registration fee of £300 is uneconomical.
  • Your organisation lacks the necessary administrative resources.
  • There is no one in your organisation with the relative expertise to assess the information contained within a disclosure and therefore to fulfil the role of Lead counter-signatory in a Registered Body.
  • You do not feel comfortable with having access to such sensitive information and you would prefer not to see the information on your staff that is not relevant to their positions, in order to not harm good working relationships.
  • Your organisation will not be able to provide the necessary storage, handling and disposal provisions required to be in accordance with the Code of Practice.
  • Undertaking this service yourself will be too time consuming and you would simply rather have another organisation take care of this for you.

If, after consideration of such factors you would like to obtain more details on the service and enquire about registering with Atlantic Data, please see the contact us section in the information area.

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