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Driving licences

The DBS will accept driving licences from the UK, Northern Ireland (NI), Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Licences may be full or provisional.

UK and Guernsey driving licences contain alpha (a-z) and numeric (0-9) characters, in some instances, alpha characters may be substituted with numeric characters and vice versa.

Enter the full licence number without spaces and include the last two characters if given (UK photocards contain 18 characters and UK paper licences and Guernsey licences usually contain 16 characters)

Driving licence number


Northern Ireland driving licence numbers contain 8 numbers

Driving licence number

Isle of Man driving licence numbers issued after February 2016 contain 6 digits followed by 1 or 2 digits:

Driving licence number 123456/1, 123456/12


Isle of Man driving licence numbers issued before February 2016 contain 7 alpha-numeric characters. The first two characters indicate licence type and driver's gender e.g.:

Driving licence number (full) FG1234A
Driving licence number (provisional) PG1234A
Driving licence number (full) FL1234A
Driving licence number (provisional) PL1234A


Jersey driving licence numbers contain 6 numeric characters

Driving licence number

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